Cancer Story by Sarah, 42

When my breast cancer came back and had to start treatments again, I was looking for additional advice in nutrition and lifestyle, but nobody was giving me answers. I felt like nobody was listening to me and nobody was taking my questions seriously. My doctor and family were so focused on my treatment and test results, everybody was worried but nobody asked me how I felt or what I needed…I felt invisible. I began to search online for answers and that’s how I found The Cancer Coach. The moment we met, I felt like she was treating me like a human being and saw beyond my illness. She took the time to listen to me, ask me questions and understand my concerns. I enjoy every single session with my coach and have learned so much about food and health. I hope one day I will also be able to help other cancer patients.

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Written by James Walters

Head of Digital Marketing at The Cancer Coach, Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for individuals, insurance, medical, and workplace.

May 10, 2022

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Cancer Story by Lei

Thank you for guiding me through my journey of breast cancer and pregnancy at the same time. You have been a tremendous coach.

Cancer Story by Juliette, 42

Cancer Story by Juliette, 42

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt really isolated. Sharing my story with my cancer coach made a real difference.