The Cancer Coach Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Health and Coaching Programme

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Employee Vitality and Cancer Defense Program

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After booking the demo you can claim your All-Access Pass with full, complimentary access to the entire Tree of Life, including all paid modules. This is an exclusive opportunity to explore our comprehensive approach to an anticancer lifestyle firsthand: 7 modules, 5 hours 43 mins of Educational animations and Instructional lesson videos, 49 lessons, 8 Community Groups and Forums, 181 Personal Workbook Exercises, 7 Knowledge Checks, and Access to Optional Extras.

Who Can Benefit

The Cancer Coach™ and Tree of Life programs can help everyone aware of or already connected to cancer:

Just Diagnosed
During Treatment
After Treatment
Life Beyond Cancer
Support for Caregivers

The Cancer Coach™ and Tree of Life are clinician-led, evidence-based programs available to anyone. We aid their transition to a healthier lifestyle within a safe, supportive and rewarding environment.

Our programs are rooted in our proven Anticancer Super 6™ methodology. For over 10 years we have combined these six health fundamentals to create and deliver personalised cancer wellness plans.

The Anticancer Super 6

What to Expect

Highly engaging personalised support and education
Improved return to wellness
Reduced stress
Reduced side effects

“The Cancer Coach is on a mission to improve the lives of people in an inclusive and empowering way.” – Dr. Penny Kechagioglou

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