Reawakening Our Intrinsic Wisdom Secrets to Vibrant Health

Luke Watts Talks To UK Health Radio About The Tree Of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community And Programme

Dear Fellow Seekers of Health and Well-being

It is time to unlock the power within ourselves and reconnect with our innate wisdom. We stand at a crossroads, surrounded by poor lifestyle choices and normalised ill-health. But today, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey, one that leads to a long and vibrant life. Welcome to the world of Tree of Life, a game-changing health, lifestyle, and anti-cancer movement that empowers you to reclaim your well-being and rewrite your future.

Have you ever wondered why, despite our inherent knowledge of what’s good for us, we often make poor lifestyle choices? Why do we reach for that tempting piece of chocolate cake instead of the nourishing apple? Why do we choose to drive when we know we should walk? And what drives us to sacrifice a restful night’s sleep for a binge-watching session with a bottle of wine? The answer lies in the disconnections we’ve experienced.

In our modern society, we have lost touch with fundamental connections, our relationship with food, people, movement and nature. It is in these disconnected environments that non-communicable diseases, including cancer, take root. Astonishingly, 80% of chronic illnesses are influenced by our lifestyle choices, directly impacting our health, well-being, and longevity.

Somewhere along the way, our society has accepted a state of poor health as the norm. We’ve allowed an unhealthy lifestyle, far removed from our default setting, to become accepted and even celebrated. But the further we drift from our natural state, the greater the risks we face. Recent studies reveal that an alarming 1 in 2 of us will receive a cancer diagnosis within our lifetime. This reality cannot be ignored.

We must never normalise the symptoms that signal underlying health issues and compromised quality of life. Lack of energy, weight gain, poor sleep quality, chronic stress or anxiety, low mood or depression, digestive issues, weakened immune system, skin problems, reduced cognitive function—the list goes on. These warning signs should be regarded as precursors to chronic illness, urging us to take action.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter. How do we rebuild these lost connections and reawaken the healthy practices absent from our modern lives? How do we halt the trend of normalised poor health and embrace a culture of well-being instead? The answer lies in precise and committed lifestyle intervention and behavioural change. And that’s precisely where Tree of Life comes into the picture.

Tree of Life, the Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Coaching Programme, developed by The Cancer Coach in collaboration with Oncologists and experts in behavioural science, patient advocacy groups, survivors, health coaches and carers. It is a clinically-led, patient-centric, on-demand program that delivers long-lasting and life-changing positive effects. It empowers you to take control of your health and well-being through an evidence-based approach.

Join us in this game-changing movement that aims to break the cycle of normalised poor health and stand against chronic illness. We invite you to become an integral part of our community—a community that shares common characteristics, interests, and goals. Together, we can transform our lives, revealing in the gifts of health and wellness.

Tree of Life offers a comprehensive program that addresses the root causes of ill-health and provides the necessary tools and support to embark on your transformative journey. Through structured modules aligned with the Anti-Cancer Super 6—stress management & emotional well-being, nutrition, exercise & movement, sleep, gut health, digestion & elimination, and environmental protection—we guide you toward lasting change.

We understand that each individual has unique learning requirements. That’s why we provide resources that align with your learning style. Our personalised experience ensures that you receive the guidance and materials that resonate with you, optimising your ability to apply these skills in your own environment.

What sets Tree of Life apart is the power of our community. We are more than an online course or app; we are a collective of like-minded individuals committed to taking charge of our lives. Within our secure and engaging community spaces, you can find your voice, ask meaningful questions, and share experiences with others on a similar journey. It’s a place where faceless interactions are replaced with genuine connections, empowering you to thrive.

Tree of Life grants you access to a wealth of evidence-based materials and resources that enhance your learning experience. Video lectures, interactive simulations, digital workbooks—the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in the material, gain a deeper understanding, and engage with the program in the most meaningful ways.

At Tree of Life, we believe that you are more than a medical ID or a set of notes. We support you to thrive, envisioning a future full of health and happiness. By restoring your default setting of well-being, you can experience increased energy, enhanced sexual activity, youthful looks, improved productivity, and most importantly, resilience against the risk of cancer and chronic illnesses.

Embrace the opportunity to awaken the dormant potential within you. It’s never too early or too late to make the changes that safeguard a healthy life. Tree of Life stands ready to support you every step of the way. Together, we can reverse the tide of poor health, reduce the number of preventable cancers, and improve the lives of those affected by the disease. Join us today and become an integral part of this life-changing movement. Let’s reclaim our health and rewrite our future.

Thank you for reading.

Luke Watts
Founder and CEO The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life

Our Cancer Coaching and Tree of Life programmes are beneficial to any individual who has been affected by cancer, including patients undergoing treatment, survivors, caregivers, and people pursuing cancer prevention.

Our programmes are also designed to meet the needs of employers, insurers, workplace wellness providers, and employee assistance programmes who want to offer dedicated cancer and wellness services to their clients, customers, and employees.

Written by James Walters

Community Manager at the Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Programme and The Cancer Coach Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for Individuals, Workplace Wellness Providers & EAPs, Insurers, Employers, and Cancer Treatment Providers.

Aug 2, 2023

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