Get to Know Cancer Coach Roz Williams

Our New Cancer Coach Answers Some Questions About Our Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Programme.

We are thrilled to introduce Roz, a committed Health Coach, and Cancer Coach, with a passion for unlocking human flourishing through Positive Psychology, and part of our expanding team of Cancer Coaches.

Roz has a deeply personal connection to health and wellness and the impact that a serious diagnosis can have personally and professionally. Having experienced first-hand the challenges that can happen when illness hits, she was inspired to study psychology and coaching. Her aim is to help enhance the personal and working lives of others who find themselves on this sometimes-difficult journey. Through her own experiences, she has gained a profound appreciation for sustainable, targeted lifestyle change and the power of holistic healing.

Here, we explore how The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life make a difference, with a thoughtful Q&A with Roz.



Roz Williams.
Cancer Coach.

1. Why did you choose to work with The Cancer Coach?

I choose to work with The Cancer Coach as I believe the holistic content offered within the Tree of Life programme, the ability to connect with others, and the support offered through the expert health coaching team, provide a strong foundation for people to take positive action to prevent or live with a cancer diagnosis.


2. What type of a lasting contribution do you want to leave?

I would love to leave people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make changes that will support them through their own journey. But most importantly I would like people to feel seen and that they are connected to a wider community.


3. What are the challenges facing people with cancer and how does The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life address them?

There are many challenges facing people with cancer. I personally am exploring the challenge of loneliness in those living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. This is a complex challenge but The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life helps to address this through the online community, where members can talk and support each other. The health coaching team can also help support individuals who are experiencing loneliness.


4. How does The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life educate the population on cancer prevention and what are the aims?

The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life use evidence-based information to provide tools and support to manage or prevent poor health through lifestyle interventions and behavioural change. The ToL programme is structured around 7 modules focusing on stress management, growth and behaviour change, nutrition, exercise, sleep, gut health, and environmental toxins. The aim of ToL is to support, inspire, and empower individuals by assembling resources, establishing a robust base for health, and aligning with their own health and wellness objectives.


5. What features of Tree of Life are most important and who would benefit from using them?

Two of the features I like within ToL are the personal workbook and journal. These provide a private and safe space to express thoughts and feelings that we might otherwise find difficult to voice. By writing things down, we can look back over them, gain insights into our emotions and how these impact our actions, and spot patterns that we may be able to change. As a loneliness researcher, I also love the community feature which provides a supportive environment for connection and growth.Β 


6. What support is currently available for caregivers and what does The Cancer Coach and Tree of Life offer to enhance the level of support?

For caregivers, ToL offers support through its all-encompassing programme. The programme can help them to manage the emotional and physical challenges of caregiving. This support is crucial as caregivers often face significant stress and burnout while looking after someone with cancer


7. What does Support, Inspire and Empower mean to you?

Support, Inspire, and Empower resonate deeply with me. For me, it means providing a nurturing environment where individuals feel supported in their health journey, inspired to make positive changes, and empowered with the knowledge and tools to take control of their health and well-being. This aligns with the goals of health coaching, which aims to facilitate personal growth, health improvement, and lifestyle changes in a compassionate and understanding manner.

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🌿 Join the Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Coaching Programme, designed to empower people at every phase of cancer β€” πŸ’ͺ Prevention πŸ₯ Diagnosis and Treatment 🌈 Survivors πŸ€— Caregivers β€” to gather tools, create a solid foundation of health, and live in alignment with your well-being goals! 🌳

Tree of Life is a new health, lifestyle, and anti-cancer community and programme that stands against a growing culture of chronic illness and reduced quality of life. It’s revolutionary because it combines Behaviour Change with The Anticancer Super 6β„’ β€” Stress Management, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Gut Health, and Protection from Toxins β€” to help you improve your quality of life. 🌟

Learn more and sign-up for free here to gain access to πŸ‘₯ Community Forums, πŸ“… Inspiring Instructor-led Events, your own πŸ““ Private Journal, and Module 1 of the anti-cancer lifestyle programme with 1 hour 16 mins of educational πŸ’‘ Informative lesson videos, 181 πŸ“ Workbook exercises, 🧐 Knowledge check, 47 πŸ”§ Toolkit πŸ“– Knowledge Base resources, and πŸŽ“ Professional Health Coaches.

Alternatively, if you’re researching on behalf of an organisation, see how Tree of Life can serve your organisation, book a demo for your organisation today.

Our Cancer Coaching and Tree of Life programmes are beneficial to any individual who has been affected by cancer, including patients undergoing treatment, survivors, caregivers, and people pursuing cancer prevention.

Our programmes are also designed to meet the needs of employers, insurers, workplace wellness providers, and employee assistance programmes who want to offer dedicated cancer and wellness services to their clients, customers, and employees.

Written by James Walters

Community Manager at the Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Programme and The Cancer Coach Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for Individuals, Workplace Wellness Providers & EAPs, Insurers, Employers, and Cancer Treatment Providers.

Jan 25, 2024

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