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Leadership Team

Luke Watts

Luke Watts

Founder and CEO

Dr. Penny Kechagioglou

Dr. Penny Kechagioglou

Clinical Strategist

James Walters

James Walters

Head of Digital Marketing

Dr. Catherine Steele

Dr. Catherine Steele

Director of Behavioural Sciences

Coaching Team

Our coaching team is composed of highly qualified professionals with advanced training in cancer care. They receive rigorous training and continuing education to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in lifestyle protocols that affect cancer. Our coaches are internationally board certified, and they carry the latest credentials. Critically, many of our coaches are survivors themselves and understand the lived experience of overcoming cancer and living a full and healthy life. Their natural empathy and expertise make them committed to helping others overcome the challenges of cancer.

Team of expert international cancer coaches

Become a Cancer Coach

We believe that people that have been affected by cancer require more than the traditional medical approach. A Cancer Coach is someone who understands and appreciates the need for a holistic approach to total health rehabilitation.

We work with a community of talented health and wellness professionals who choose The Cancer Coach™ to share their expertise and passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer

What Should I Eat When I Have Cancer?

Eating a nutrient dense diet adapted to every phase of your cancer journey makes a huge difference in your recovery and wellbeing, but there is so much conflicting information out there that most feel confused and overwhelmed.

What Should I Eat During Cancer Treatment?

Many cancer patients worry about diet and whether they are getting the correct nutrients to help them fight cancer. We help cancer patients and those affected by cancer to develop the right nutritional plan for each individual circumstance.

Should I Take Any Vitamins or Supplements?

Self-supplementing can be a problem if you are going through treatment, you always need to consider safety and possible interactions. The quality of a supplement and adequate dosage play a crucial role.

Testimonials, Quotes, and Cancer Stories

“My coach provided constant and caring support to myself and family through a very stressful and still surreal time in our lives. Now post-surgery and treatments, I am feeling well and confident that I can maintain good health for many years ahead with the help of the lifestyle advice and tools provided.”


“Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt really isolated. Sharing my story with my cancer coach, who went through a similar journey, made a real difference; for the first time I felt that somebody truly understood what I was going through. The very practical advice in terms of nutrition and lifestyle gave back a sense of confidence and hope.”


“I am so happy that I came across The Cancer Coach, it made me a better caregiver for my mother and helped me stay emotionally and physically strong during the process.”


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