Meet Dr Catherine Steele Behavioural Sciences Director and Academic Advisor

Here we meet Dr Catherine Steele, Occupational and Coaching Psychologist, and Behavioural Sciences Director and Academic Advisor at The Cancer Coach™.

Catherine is part of our Leadership Team at The Cancer Coach™.

Dr Catherine Steele



Dr. Catherine Steele.
Occupational and Coaching Psychologist.
Behavioural Sciences Director and Academic Advisor.

Dr. Catherine Steele is the Behavioural Sciences Director and Academic Advisor at The Cancer Coach™.

Dr. Catherine Steele has been in academia for 18 years and is Associate Professor of Psychology at the School of Psychology and Vision Sciences - University of Leicester.

Dr. Steele is a functional medicine certified health coach who has authored two psychology textbooks as well as peer reviewed articles on well-being. A regular contributor to the International Coaching Psychology Review, she is also a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy, serves on the Accreditation and Standards Board of the United Kingdom & International Coaching Association, and is the research lead for the Division of Coaching Psychology, a part of the British Psychological Society.

Catherine is a highly regarded health and well-being speaker contributing her wealth of knowledge and experience at the Society for Occupational Medicine, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, the PLM Psychological Society, and the Health and Wellbeing Conference.

The Cancer Coach is an expert international team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners in cancer care and functional medicine. They are experts in their fields and many are cancer survivors themselves. Read about The Cancer Coach™ and our team of oncologists, experts in behaviour science, qualified health coaches, and people just like you.

Our Cancer Coaching and Tree of Life programmes are beneficial to any individual who has been affected by cancer, including patients undergoing treatment, survivors, caregivers, and people pursuing cancer prevention.

Our programmes are also designed to meet the needs of employers, insurers, workplace wellness providers, and employee assistance programmes who want to offer dedicated cancer and wellness services to their clients, customers, and employees.

Written by James Walters

Community Manager at the Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Programme and The Cancer Coach Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for Individuals, Workplace Wellness Providers & EAPs, Insurers, Employers, and Cancer Treatment Providers.

Aug 24, 2023

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