Only in the past few years have the mortality rates associated with cancer surpassed that of heart disease in the United States and then, after only a few short years, cancer surpassed most other causes of mortality on planet Earth.  It is unclear whether war has been factored into these statistics but, be that as it may, cancer qualifies as a pandemic of unprecedented proportions.

What is happening?                 Has something changed?

What is cancer?                       Is cancer transmissible (can I catch it?)?

Although the answers to these questions are necessary in order to develop a long and enduring therapeutic stance with respect to cancer, the questions themselves beg the involvement of political and economic interests and therefore are not appropriate to our present discussion.

At the very least, it is abundantly clear that Nature has become humanity’s adversary to be exploited ruthlessly not only without respect, but with a jeering contempt.  Consequently, the environment in which we, humans (and all other creatures), now find ourselves, is no longer compatible with health and longevity but rather their opposites, horrific disease states and premature aging and death.

Clearly, since in the United States, one out of two men and one out of two and a half women will develop cancer in their lifetimes, if cancer were genetic, most of our grandparents would have developed, and perhaps died of cancer.  Obviously, that is not what occurred and so we must change our investigative perspectives. For example, we now know that epigenetic phenomena are as consequential, if not more, than the basic genetic makeup of an individual. There is also a huge and rapidly growing amount of data accumulating which indicates that genes are “turned on” and “turned off” by environmental agents, not the least of which are ingested materials, i.e., food, artificial food, poisons and microscopic organisms.

Although there is a bewildering amount of information that we do not know or understand regarding this vast subject, what we do know is enough to allow many people having been afflicted with cancer to return to their lives, albeit changed forever (or metamorphosized) into a condition or state of being more congruent with their human potential than would have occurred had they not journeyed down this road labelled, ‘cancer’.  

From this perspective, cancer can be viewed as an opportunity and even a blessing since as we grow towards our potential of optimal functioning, we become an inspiration to those around us.  All parents, celebrities and other role models know a simple fact; we do not teach by what we say, but rather by who we are.

Cancer is simply a word, not a sentence.  Autopsies performed on ninety year old men find that 100% have prostate cancer, although it had not resulted in any disability for the majority of the deceased.  Most of these men died from other causes unrelated to prostate cancer. Almost all people in industrialized nations have cancerous cells growing in their bodies but they are of no significant, clinical relevance.  Post-mortem examinations (autopsies) performed in both Europe and the United States reveal that up to as many as 79% of those examined had primary tumors which were either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed while the patient was alive.  In one study, 250 malignant tumors were found in 225 patients and in 57% of them, cancer was found to have been the cause of death although this was unknown while the patient was still living. Simple math reveals that 43% of these people who ranged in age from 30 to 80 years of age had cancer although it did not result in disability or death.

The question therefore is not, ‘are we going to get cancer?’ but rather, ‘are we going to survive cancer?’  

It is with this background, along with a deep reverence for Nature and an acknowledgement that science, freed from the quagmire of arrogance, atheism and its illusory fractional perspective, can be integrated with healing modalities derived from both ancient and modern wisdom into a comprehensive program designed to serve as a vehicle for liberation from disease.    

Stop Making Cancer

Approximately every six weeks, we have new skin; every three days, we have new cells lining our colons; every two days we have new rods and cones in our retinas; every four to six months, we have new livers; and hence every ten to twelve months, we have a new body.  Therefore, if we had cancer one year ago and we have cancer today, it is because we are continuing to produce it.

If you put a large scratch in a Rolls Royce, it will eventually rust and corrode.  If you are sliced on the arm by a sharp knife, it bleeds, then a scab forms and finally, it heals !  Wow ! Clearly, this biomechanical earth suit (body) in which we experience our lives, is by far, better designed and engineered than the expensive Rolls Royce.  And yet, do we “change the oil, tune it up or rotate the tires?” NO! But we do expect high performance and are bewildered when we become ill. We even exclaim, “why me?”   

The nature of Nature is to regenerate, rejuvenate and procreate.  Just as water runs downhill, so do our bodies heal. If you pick an apple from an apple tree, there will be two or more in its place the following year.  If you pull some weeds from the ground, you will find that they are replaced quite soon by a tougher brood. Only when Nature is prevented from following its course, will healing fail to occur, just as a large dam will obstruct the flow of a river.  Remove the dam and the waters will flow. Remove the impediments to healing, and disease disappears. This is the nature of Nature.

The two co-conductors of the physiological symphony of life in mammals are the neurological (brain) and endocrine (hormones) systems.  And yes, we are mammals; primates, in fact. Although these two systems are referred to separately, they, as all systems of the body, function as a synchronous, integrated whole.  

When two young women move into the same home as new roommates, quite often they find that their menstrual cycles begin to occur at the same time.  Obviously, this was not planned. Sharing a living space with someone is very intimate, and just as in other close relationships between people; behaviors, verbal expressions, attitudes and appetites begin to merge as the bonding between them deepens.  This neuroendocrine response is a physiological manifestation of the psychological bonding that the two women are experiencing and indubitably demonstrates the power and reality of thought translating into physiology and biochemistry at a level beneath conscious awareness.   Thoughts, from this perspective therefore, act much like hormones; that is, having their effect on targets at a distance from where they emanate. Since thinking is an involuntary process, it is imperative that we guard, with the utmost vigilance that which is allowed into our minds, just as we would guard that which we are putting into our mouths.

There are several glands in the body, which produce and secrete chemicals called hormones.  Hormones have their effect on organs, glands and tissues, which are located at a distance from the gland. For example, estrogens have their effects on multiple organs, glands and tissues including the uterus and the breasts.  In order for a hormone to have its effect the target tissue must have receptors specific to that hormone. Then, as the hormone binds to that receptor, specific responses are initiated such as the thickening of the uterine lining when estrogen levels rise during the first part of the menstrual cycle.

The role of hormones is to ‘turn-on’ or ‘turn-off’, that is, to stimulate or inhibit the function of various glands, tissues and organs.  When they are all actively functioning, the body works with a precise harmony and vibrancy seen most abundantly during youth.

All functions of the body other than those hormonally mediated, require nerves to stimulate or inhibit them.  That stimulation or inhibition by nerves is a result of chemicals acting on target tissues. Ultimately then, all that ever occurs in the body is chemical reactions.

These chemicals, which mediate life at its most basic level are produced out of the raw materials that we supply the body when we ingest food or drink liquids.  Something worth remembering!

Clearly, it can be seen that an essential aspect to healing requires that the body be restored to a state of hormonal competency through the appropriate use of bio-identical hormones, as well as life-style changes.

It is important to realize that hormones do not become “bad”, such as testosterone when a man has prostate cancer but rather it is that the hormones have become unbalanced and it is the effects of these imbalances that are producing pathology (disease).  

Finally, when one is in a state of health, feeling happy and joyful are aspects of that balance.  Therefore, many conditions such as depression, anxiety and anger, which were thought to be the result of psychological imbalances are rather the consequences of a toxic, out of balance, physiology.

Selectively Target and Eliminate Cancer without Eliminating the Person

Cancer Biology

In order to accomplish this requirement, the biology of cancer must be understood.  A cancer cell is basically, a defective cell which functions in a primitive manner similar to certain micro-organisms such as fungi (or yeast).  What occurs is that a well differentiated cell such as a breast cell, or a colon cell or any other type of cell found in the body becomes repeatedly damaged by a variety of causes such as viruses, radiation, chemicals etc…  The final insult to the cell which ultimately distinguishes it from its normal counterparts (normal breast, colon or other) is that it loses the ability to use oxygen to produce energy. That is, it can only metabolize glucose (universal fuel) for energy through a process known as glycolysis which occurs in the absence of oxygen.  The energy yield from this process is only two ATPs (units of energy) whereas the energy yield from the Krebs’s cycle, which utilizes oxygen and occurs in normal, healthy cells, is thirty-eight ATPs. That is a nineteen times (19 X) difference! So, cancer cells are nineteen times less efficient at energy production than normal cells and therefore, in order to survive, they need nineteen times more glucose.  That is why we use PET scans to stage cancer. PET scans allow us to locate which cells in the body are taking up glucose (sugar) at a rapid enough rate to be distinguished as cancer cells. The question arises, ‘how do cancer cells manage to extract nineteen times more glucose from the same blood as a normal cell?’ It’s quite simple, actually. Cancer cells upregulate (grow) extra insulin receptors onto their surfaces so that they can “grab” insulin quicker, open the glucose channels sooner and extract more glucose before all the other cells.  Well, since that is the mechanism by which cancer cells depend on for survival, it certainly would be a very strategic mechanism to exploit and, in fact, that is what we do with IPTLD.


The person comes into our center not having eaten for at least six hours (usually morning) and is promptly made comfortable in one of our large reclining chairs.  After several preparatory intravenous solutions are administered to protect the healthy cells and make the cancer cells more vulnerable, the person is administered a specific, calculated dose of a short acting insulin.  In approximately 20 to 40 minutes, all the cancer cells have become saturated with insulin and are therefore permeable (easy passage) while all of the non-cancerous cells in the body are only partially saturated with insulin and therefore, not completely permeable.  This is referred to as the ‘therapeutic moment’ which is the time when low dose (approximately 10% of standard) chemotherapeutic drugs are administered intravenously. Since the cancer cells are permeable and ready to “eat”, they absorb a large portion of the administered dose while the other, non-cancerous cells absorb but very little.  Because the toxicity associated with this modality is less than 5% of standard, the procedure can be performed once or twice a week instead of every two to three weeks as is standard. This allows for tumor shrinkage to occur relatively quickly and therefore any symptoms associated with the tumors, such as pain, partial bowel obstruction, shortness of breath, or limitations of mobility resolve in a relatively short time.  Once the chemotherapeutic agents have been administered, glucose is administered intravenously and the person is given some delicious food to eat. They find that even if their appetite had been dwindling in the recent past, the insulin restores their appetite and they eat quite eagerly and with vigor.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Another modality that targets the cancer cells involves the use of high doses of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) administered intravenously. By achieving specific plasma levels of ascorbates, certain intermediate products of metabolism result which can easily be converted by healthy cells into nourishing substances while cancer cells, being defective and primitive, can not make those conversions.  As a consequence, these intermediate by-products act as poisons and kill the cancer cells. So, here is a substance which is nourishing for healthy cells and poisonous for cancer cells !

Other Targeting Therapies

There are other modalities employed at our center which also target cancer cells without harming healthy cells. For example, there is a way to block glycolysis (primitive energy production) which affects only cancer cells and other anaerobic organisms such as yeast and anaerobic bacteria but has no effect on healthy cells which utilize oxygen and function at a more sophisticated level.

Immune Enhancement

The immune system has two broad functions; it is the department of defense and the department of maintenance.  For this reason it is imperative to take over as many maintenance functions as possible in order to allow the resources of the immune systems to focus on defense.  As will be recalled, most people have cancer even if it has not manifested and therefore remains “silent” (undiagnosed).

It is abundantly clear then, that the avoidance of toxins in our food, water and air is of paramount importance hence not only is it necessary to drive defensively, but also, to live defensively.  

We must be ever vigilant as we open our mouths to be sure that we are feeding hunger, not appetite.

Of all the purported immune enhancing substances that can be found on the internet and in conversation with others, only a few have been researched and found to be REAL.   

A rather large body of data has been accumulating from research that has been conducted in Japan as well as the United States and other countries elucidating the immune enhancing effects of certain mushrooms, like maitake, shitake, and agaricus.  In addition, certain enzymes in these mushrooms can be used to modify particular carbohydrates found in rice bran so that they become immune modulating substances capable of increasing both the number and activity of NK (natural killer) cells which are responsible for seeking out and killing cancer cells.

In Europe, ozone has been used in clinical practice for many years and has accumulated a large body of research to substantiate its efficacy as well as its safety. One of the consequences of using medical ozone on blood is a rather large increase in cytokine and interleukin production by the white blood cells. These are substances that the immune system utilizes to augment immune capabilities and thereby enhance the bodies’ defense against cancer, micro-organisms and poisons.

In Japan, there has been quite a bit of research into a vitamin D3 binding protein which can activate macrophages so that they have indiscriminate tumoricidal capabilities.  That is, these cells of the immune system (macrophages), when activated, become capable of seeking out and destroying a variety of cancer cells, not just one or a few types.

Finally, there are foods that fuel the immune system and there are foods that fuel cancer.  We just have to learn the difference and then modify our appetites accordingly.


The human body is in constant renewal.  It is never static. Billions of new cells are being produced every minute.  Billions of old cells, metabolic waste products and poisons from food, drink, air, skin and lungs need also to be eliminated every minute.  When these processes are thwarted, symptoms (body attempting to correct) arise and ultimately, if not remedied, all processes cease.

This is the essence of, “stop making cancer” and it is our mission and obligation to teach each of our patients how to stop making cancer.  The word, ‘doctor’ is derived from Latin and means, ‘to teach’. This pillar of the program is, therefore, the foundation upon which all other activities depend at our center.  It does not really matter how effective anyone is at eliminating cancer if the person continues to produce it. It is not always difficult to rid the body of cancer; the difficulty lies in keeping it gone!

Cancer cells are defective and have unique characteristics that, when understood, can serve as opportunities to develop strategies which target these cancer cells and preserve the integrity of healthy cells required for optimal functioning (health).

There is a cure for cancer; it is called a healthy immune system.   Life on planet Earth depends upon the flow of energy from sunlight through plants to animals to micro-organisms.  In this transfer of energy from organism to organism, many potentially damaging substances are encountered that would, otherwise damage or destroy those creatures involved, whether they be an oak tree or a human being.  Each creature, therefore is endowed with a system of defense without which, life would end before it began. This, the immune system, when adequately functioning, keeps all creatures living and when it ultimately fails, life comes to an end.  It is abundantly clear then that our activities must be directed towards nourishing and enhancing this system in order to preserve its role as the gatekeeper preventing our descent into death.

Health is the consequence of living in harmony with the laws of Nature while disease is the result when those laws are violated.  It is very simple. All we have to do is eat fresh fruits, plants, nuts and seeds, sleep early, rest mid-day, engage in vigorous physical activity, play in the sun, love, laugh and dance, and above all, be kind.

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