What Should I Eat When I Have Cancer?

Clients often ask “What should I eat when I have cancer?”, “What should I eat during cancer treatment?”, and “Is there a particular diet I need to follow to avoid cancer recurrence?”.

Eating a nutrient dense diet adapted to every phase of your cancer journey makes a huge difference in your recovery and wellbeing, but there is so much conflicting information out there that most feel confused and overwhelmed.

We will break it down for you. Together we will establish comprehensive and easy to implement guidelines: how to shop for groceries, how to get organized in the kitchen, and how to follow simple recipes.

Our Cancer Coaching and Tree of Life programmes are beneficial to any individual who has been affected by cancer, including patients undergoing treatment, survivors, caregivers, and people pursuing cancer prevention.

Our programmes are also designed to meet the needs of employers, insurers, workplace wellness providers, and employee assistance programmes who want to offer dedicated cancer and wellness services to their clients, customers, and employees.

Written by James Walters

Community Manager at the Tree of Life Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Community and Programme and The Cancer Coach Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for Individuals, Workplace Wellness Providers & EAPs, Insurers, Employers, and Cancer Treatment Providers.

Jul 18, 2022


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