Cancer Story by Andrew, 62

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer was like a death sentence for me. I became very negative and depressed. I did not want to undergo any treatment. I lost 15 kg in a few weeks, did not want to see anybody and just stayed at home feeling angry and pity for myself.

My daughter convinced me to take an appointment with The Cancer Coach, I was not convinced, I just did it because my daughter insisted.

When I met my coach, my first thought was “I can’t believe she had cancer twice and survived”. Her story gave me that first glance of hope, that I desperately needed. My coach helped me to see things from a different perspective and feel less angry. I started to sleep better and following her nutrition advice, I started to eat again. Slowly I gained enough mental and physical strength to feel ready to go back to see my doctor and talk about treatment possibilities.” I was guided and supported throughout my treatments. It has been of invaluable help for me and my family.

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Written by James Walters

Head of Digital Marketing at The Cancer Coach, Cancer wellness and coaching programmes for individuals, insurance, medical, and workplace.

May 10, 2022

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