Stomach cancer, which is also called gastric cancer, is a malignant growth which occurs in the stomach’s lining. Those who contract it may develop a number of symptoms, such as pain in their upper abdomen, heartburn, appetite loss and nausea. As with other cancers it can spread to other regions of the body, such as the bones, lungs, lymph nodes and liver, making it much more difficult to treat. Below are some ways in which your diet can prevent it.

Eat Lots of Vegetables And Fruit

A diet which contains lots of vegetables and fruit, preferably fresh, is a great way to reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer. Citrus fruits in particular, like grapefruit, oranges or lemons, have been found to be very beneficial. Daily you will want to consume about 2.5 cups of vegetables, along with breads that are whole grain, cereals and pastas, but you should stay away from grains that are refined. Fish, beans and poultry are also good, but red or processed meat should be avoided.

Use The Right Dietary Supplements

Research has shown that are there are a number of dietary supplements which can substantially lower the risk of contracting cancer of the stomach. Some of these include vitamins E, A and C, as well as selenium. Many of these supplements have antioxidant properties which can assist those whose nutrition is poor, but supplements should always accompany a healthy diet in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Preserve Your Food Correctly

A link has been found regarding the method of food preservation and occurrence of stomach cancer. In the past, food was preserved by smoking, salting and pickling, and the same practice is still used in many parts of the world today. However, you should limit your intake of foods which have been picked, salted or smoked and instead consume and preserve food via refrigeration.

Drink Lots of Green Tea

Green tea is very popular in Asia and its consumption has been linked to a reduction in the incidence of gastric cancer. Extensive research has been conducted on this beverage to find out why this is the case, and it appears that this tea consists of bioactive ingredients which inhibit tumors. Not only can it prevent gastric cancer, but cancers involving the colon, lungs, pancreas, liver, prostate and breasts.

One of the most important components in green tea is polyphenols, which consist of phenolic acids and flavonoids. The main flavonoids of interest are catechins, which are compounds that are water soluble, colorless and astringent. They oxidize easily, and because green tea does not go through the process of fermentation, it has a much larger amount of catechins than is the case with oolong or black tea. Catechins are also found in chocolate, grapes and wine.

Switch To A Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is derived from traditional diets which are consumed in places such as Spain, Italy and Greece. It is a diet which involves extensive consumption of legumes, olive oil, vegetables, fruits and cereals which are non-refined.  Studies have been undertaken to find out why this particular diet is so effective in cancer prevention.

The specific mechanisms within this diet that prevent gastric cancer include decreased inflammation, metabolic syndrome and damage from oxidation. Additionally, those who follow a Mediterranean diet are much more likely to maintain a healthy body weight. This diet does not include excessive consumption of red meat, which has been linked to various cancers, but does include consumption of red wine, which has been found to decrease cancer risk. The Mediterranean diet also shuns refined sugars and processed foods in general.

Maintain An Ideal Body Weight

The state of one’s health in part is linked to the quantity and quality of the food they eat. Studies show that over thirty percent of the American population is obese. Obesity is a disease which is epidemic, and increases the risk of a number of diseases in addition to cancer.

A connection has been found between obesity and chronic inflammation. Regular exercise along with changes in one’s diet can lead to an optimal BMI (body mass index), which can substantially reduce one’s risk of developing both gastric cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Limit Your Consumption Of Alcohol And Bacon

Recent reports have found a correlation between gastric cancer and one’s consumption of alcohol and processed meats, especially bacon. It is well known that drinking too much alcohol can lead to cancers of the colon and liver, but until recently the connection between alcohol and gastric cancer was less prominent.

Those who drink more than three glasses of alcoholic beverages each day have a greater risk of developing cancer, as do those that eat processed meat regularly. Processed meat includes anything that has been cured, salted or smoked, and aside from bacon, other examples include pastrami, sausages, ham and hot dogs. Bacon in particular consists of many bad fats, which causes high cholesterol and which has also been linked to heart disease. Bacon is also high in sodium, around two hundred milligrams in a single slice, and eating too much salt is associated with high blood pressure.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, drinking too much beer leads to a higher stomach cancer risk when compared to drinking liquor or wine. In terms of gender, men are at a higher risk of developing stomach cancer as result of heavy drinking than women. A number of investigations have been made to determine precisely why high alcohol consumption leads to greater cancer risk. It is believed that the culprit is metabolic byproducts which come from such beverages, the most prominent of which is acetaldehyde. This substance has been found to be one of the human carcinogens.

Aside from that, beer consists of a compound which is called nitrosamines, which research shows can cause cancer in some animals. Therefore, it is possible that a combination of acetaldehydes and nitrosamines can cause gastric cancer when consumed in large amounts.

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