Should you get a second opinion
on a cancer diagnosis?

There are various reasons why you should get a second opinion for your cancer diagnosis and these include gaining a different perspective of the current situation and having your circumstances explained in a different manner. Different Doctors suit different patients and you may find that a second opinion makes things much clearer and easier to understand. It also reduces the risk of rejecting a recommendation because of a personality clash and enables you and the care team you choose to determine a balanced approach which is neither too aggressive or too reserved.

An analysis of test results to date including:

biopsy and surgical pathology reports
staging scans
blood tests
other tests of interest, including genetic tests

Up to 1.5 hours video conference which will include:

taking a medical history
explaining results and staging
discussing treatment recommendations
allowing time for questions to be answered
Dr.Carol Haddad

Dr. Haddad’s approach:

Dr. Carol Haddad is an Integrative Oncologist. With a background in Radiation Oncology and over ten years’ experience in the conventional medical setting, she appreciates the needs that arise for patients following a diagnosis of cancer and understands the acceptance that can be achieved by having the situation explained clearly, taking the time to answer questions and ensure it is understood.

She is an advocate of an integrative approach to care which means she not only gives recommendations and advice on the conventional management of cancer but also on the role that non-conventional therapies have in supporting health and in recovering and healing from cancer and its conventional treatment. She passionately believes in empowering individuals to make changes that will optimise the outcomes of their cancer care.

When you are first diagnosed with cancer you are in shock and you may not be in a position to ask many questions. A second opinion provides an opportunity to ask the questions that you were not able to ask in the first place and to consider other treatment options which were not originally presented. It also offers the opportunity to have a reinterpretation of the results and to ease anxiety and gain clarity especially if the opinion is consistent.

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