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At The Cancer Coach, our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Through our purpose built App, we will offer tailored lifestyle medicine programs and courses to help people who are currently going through cancer treatment, those who have completed treatment and are in the process of rehabilitation and those who support their loved ones through these times.

How does it work?

Each patient is assigned a dedicated and experienced Cancer Coach, who’s role it is to work with the patient and create their unique weekly lifestyle medicine plans. Each plan is created based on the needs and preferences of the patient; from how much exercise they can do to what meal plans are best from them.

When our Cancer Coach finds the content module they want to share with the patient, they select and upload it into The Cancer Coach App so that the patient can access it for the following week. This creates a license agreement between you and The Cancer Coach.

Patients use your content as part of their weekly lifestyle medicine treatment plan and share feedback with their Cancer Coach during their next session. It is possible that patients find your style of presentation preferable and so will ask the Cancer Coach to provide more content from the same author for next weeks’ plan

We are actively looking for people who have or
would like to create quality content in the following fields:


Exercise and movement

Nutrition supplementation

Yoga and other physical, mental and spiritual practices

Healthy recipes

Emotional wellbeing


Oncology aesthetics


Plus, any other areas you feel passionate about that could assist a cancer patient

A Cancer Coach Preferred Content Provider

We like to consider our preferred content providers as artists and as an artist, it is our privilege to share your work with those who we feel will really benefit from your insight and creativity.

We make it easy for you to create what our patients need most – which leads to more downloads and better revenue opportunities. As a contributor, you’ll have access to our monthly creative briefs, which describe content our patients want.

We work with a community of talented contributors, from beginners to full-time professional artists who discuss these topics by way of video presentations, blog, articles, podcasts, infographics, imagery, factsheets and many more. We inspire to provide the correct content in the most easily to absorb format to our patients.
How do I apply?

Apply in 3 steps:

Step 1: Submit an email to [email protected]
or use the form below detailing your experience and why you would like to be a contributor to The Cancer Coach. Enclose a selection of work you think best demonstrates your abilities

Step 2: We’ll review your samples and let you know if you’re accepted to participate

Step 3: Once your application has been accepted, we’ll send you an invitation to join us as a contributor

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.After you become a contributor, our editors review the content you submit to ensure they meet the requirements before making them available for our Cancer Coach’s to see and license.

How much can I earn?
For each license a Cancer Coach activates, you earn a royalty, which is a fixed fee for one week user license. Earnings can differ, but, the more content you make available to us, the more opportunities you’ll have to gain earnings.
Do i retain copyright of my work?
Absolutely! We license your content to patients on your behalf and you retain the copyright.
Do your research
Make sure the content you submit doesn’t contain copyrighted or trademarked materials. The Cancer Coach will not accept content that’s a violation of the exclusive rights of creator.

Apply Now

    The maximum file size you can send is 3MB. If you wish to send larger files, please email them to [email protected]