Become a Cancer Coach

At The Cancer Coach, our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. We offer tailored weekly lifestyle plans to help people who are currently going through cancer treatment, those who have completed treatment and are in the process of rehabilitation and those who support their loved ones through these times.

What is a Cancer Coach?

We believe that people that have been affected by cancer require more than the traditional medical approach to heal effectively. A Cancer Coach is someone who understands and appreciates the need for a holistic approach to total health rehabilitation. As a Cancer Coach you will provide weekly counselling and support, guiding patients through lifestyle changes that will help their diagnosis. This includes understanding of the role of nutrition, exercise and movement, yoga and other mental and spiritual practices, emotional support and the role of proper sleep.

People who choose to work with us are already providing support services to cancer patients or are experienced in other areas of life coaching and would like to work with cancer patients. We also work with people who have gone through cancer and understand the value of lifestyle and emotional support and are looking to gain experience and qualifications in this field so they can help others. At The Cancer Coach, we work with a community of talented coaches, from beginners to full-time professional therapists who have a desire and passion to make a difference.

The benefits of becoming a Cancer Coach?

Open your own private practice without any doors or overheads

Focus on counselling

No need to worry about costs from acquiring clients, billing, marketing, support or operations. Let us handle the referrals, fees and paperwork so you can focus on what you do best.

Work flexibility

Work from the comfort of your home on your own schedule.

Complete package

No lengthy or difficult software to install or learn, we’ll provide all the tools and training you need.

Learn a new discipline

For experienced life coaches, learn the disciplines of coaching someone with cancer.

How do I apply?

Apply in 3 steps:

Step 1: Submit your application using the form below or email to [email protected] detailing your experience and why you would like to be a Cancer Coach.

Step 2: We’ll review your application and if applicable, arrange an interview to discuss the opportunity with you more.

Step 3: Once your application has been accepted, we’ll send you an invitation to join us as a Cancer Coach.

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

How does it work?

Each patient is assigned a dedicated Cancer Coach, who’s role it is to work with the patient during the week in two distinct ways:

1. Each patient will have a scheduled 50 min session with their Cancer Coach. The session could be in person, on the phone or via our secure video call feature on The Cancer Coach App.
2. After the scheduled weekly session, as their Cancer Coach, you will create their weekly lifestyle plan by accessing our library of content and selecting topics you would like to share with the patient by uploading the chosen files to The Cancer Coach App

The Cancer Coach App is a purpose-built platform enabling:

  • safe and secure transfer of medical records through HIPAA encrypted network
  • secure video call sessions with option to record sessions for further review and analysis
  • secure instant messaging between patient and Cancer Coach
  • creation of custom 7-day lifestyle plans
  • access to The Cancer Coach Library of exclusive content (videos, blogs, recipes, podcasts, articles etc)
  • online scheduling of appointments
  • clinical note writing and recording
  • patient feedback
  • online payment
How much can I earn?

Depending on the credentials, experience and time, a Cancer Coach can make a full time living through our network. During the interview and assessment stage, we will review your application and the invitation to join us, will contain your offer rate which is in USD and based on per session per patient.

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