Cancer Recovery Retreats

Who should attend?

The retreats are aimed at anyone who has already been through cancer treatment, whether that is conventional, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery or those who went through an alternative treatment plan. It is suitable for anyone who has gone through cancer for the first time or has had to go through it multiple times. Essentially it is for anyone who would like to be aware of the causes of cancer and how to prevent this terrible disease from reoccurring.

Patients and their loved ones are invited to participate in our retreats that are held throughout the world, throughout the year.

Women fighting breast cancer

Why attend a cancer recovery retreat?

Studies have shown that for many types of cancer, the chances of it returning are unfortunately very high. While conventional treatment can be effective in treating cancer, it is highly toxic, can cause terrible side effects and most importantly severely damages the immune system. It is the toxic overload, compromised immune system, residual cancer stem cells and continuing poor lifestyle that enables this disease to return.

This is why if you have had cancer and are currently cancer free, it is still highly important to go through a cancer recovery program to detox and restore optimal immune function. This can help to ensure you remain cancer-free in the long-term.

What is included?

Throughout the year, Isabel Galiano and her team of cancer coaches, will travel the world hosting specific healing retreats for those who have gone through cancer and are looking at recovering from the disease and cultivating habits and strategies to prevent the disease from returning. See the latest schedule of upcoming retreats.

Our 10-day retreats aim to detoxify the body, commence the restoration of the immune system and empower you to understand how the disease is created and how to prevent its reoccurrence.

We firstly start with YOU!

We will gain a thorough understanding who you are as a person, the type of cancer you have had, previous treatment, your lifestyle and eating habits plus also how you are coping emotionally.

We aim to restore and prevent the reoccurrence of cancer by changing the body’s biochemistry through detoxification, diet, lymphatic work, exercise, sleeping properly, meditation and hormone balancing. Our retreats also provide access to metabolic treatments and immunotherapies that target any potential residual cancer cells. The medical treatments available are natural and non-toxic to healthy cells meaning there is virtually no side effects.


All retreats are fully inclusive of accommodation, medical consultations, tailored program including detox protocols, nutritionally dense meals and beverages, supplements, exercise, emotionally wellbeing and a host of other activities throughout the stay.

A significant part of the stay will include access to a series of workshops and lectures designed and delivered by our experts to educate you on how the disease occurs and providing practical advice on how to prevent the disease from reoccurring. Topics we discuss include:

  • What is cancer and how did I get it?
  • What is inflammation and what role does that play in my disease?
  • How to detox your body and mind
  • How to detox your home
  • How to embrace new thought patterns
  • How to cultivate better sleep habits
  • Creating a sustainable recovery plan

Every day, our nutrition chef will host food preparation workshops, giving you the skills to take these recipes home.

Upcoming Retreats

We understand that not everybody is able to travel great distances for this type of program. It is our aim to visit as many areas as possible throughout the year bringing with us the expertise and experience of our dedicated cancer coaches.

The locations selected to host our retreats have been specifically chosen because of their commitment and understanding of the necessity to safely detoxify the body and repair the immune system to its optimal health thereby reducing the chances of the cancer returning. These facilities, additionally, have access to some of the latest immunotherapies and natural treatments that have been shown to be very effective in restoring the immune system.

Miskawaan Health Group, Koh Samui, Thailand10-19 February 2021
Immunotherapy Institute, Tijuana, Mexico1-9 June 2021
Klinik Marinus am Stein, Brannenberg, Germany21-30 September 2021

During these challenging times relating to travel, the dates of the upcoming retreats may be subject to change in the future.

If you have any questions about the retreats,
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