Why Choose Alternative Medicine

More and more cancer sufferers are moving away from traditional treatments such as Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to an alternative, holistic approach to treating cancer and one of the most popular forms of non traditional cancer care is integrative treatment.

what is Integrative cancer treatment?

Is a blend of medically proven treatments combined with holistic therapies such as meditation, yoga, water fasting, vegan diet and much more.
Instead of attacking the tumour which results in overall loss of health and wellbeing of the patient, integrative oncology focuses on treating the root cause of cancer and healing the whole body.
The process of recovering from cancer not only results in eliminating the tumour and reducing the chances of relapse but brings with it increased energy, better sleep patterns and more overall satisfaction with life.

which clinic is right for you?

There are a vast growing number of alternative cancer treatment and integrative oncology centres throughout the world and many boast huge successes about their treatment methods.

Choosing which clinic is right for you is often the most difficult part of opting for alternative treatment which is where The Cancer Coach is able to help.

Our team have extensive experience working with integrative oncology clinics worldwide and can assist you in making the right choice for you or your loved one. Whether you need your first cancer treatment program or you have already undergone conventional cancer treatment and and are now looking for an alternative we can find the right clinic for you today.

Brett Vasquez

Jamie, US, TCFMA, United States
“My family and I consider it a blessing that we found this center. We really wrestled with our options of traditional versus alternative treatment. Finding our an integrative approach existed, that combined the best of traditional and alternative, really appealed to us. The fact that the staff is so wonderful and you have regular meetings with Doctor Stegall is a bonus. I feel like a human and not a number. They take serious the DO NO HARM allegiance and cared for me in a very personal way. So grateful!”


Ireland, Breast Cancer, HICC, Phillipines
“I had a mass/lump in my left breast that grew faster in a span of a year. I was advised then by doctors to have it surgically removed since it already reached stage 3 breast cancer. At first, I disregarded surgery so i considered alternative approaches such as naturopathy and integrative medicine. Indeed, I have excellent care given to me by HICC. They have been diligent in treating my case and have been patient in explaining my queries and apprehensions such that they can be contacted anytime of the day. HICC offers practical solutions to make the treatment process convenient to me. Its been six months that I am under their treatment program and my laboratory/ultrasound results are normal to date.”