You have a cancer diagnosis and are wondering what part nutrition will play in your recovery

What is Nutrition Therapy for Cancer?


Nutrition Therapy for Cancer is based on decades of medical research on the relationship between diet, nutrition, and cancer health outcomes. It is about creating a tailor made nutrition plan personalized to your condition and your priorities. A realistic plan, where we will guide you every step of the way: what to eat, what foods to avoid, how to get organized in the kitchen and around groceries, and how to make it happen in your lifestyle: family life, work environment and social life.

At The Cancer Coach we use Nutrition Therapy to guide individuals on how to use their diet to best support their cancer diagnosis. This can range from reducing side effects and complications associated with treatment, restoring the body post treatment through detox and anti-inflammation protocols as well as establishing an improved immune system to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back.

To start this therapy, your Cancer Coach first performs a comprehensive individualized nutrition assessment. We then develop a nutritional diagnosis, goal, and care plan, as well as specific nutrition interventions to help you manage or treat your condition.

Your Cancer Coach provides repeated follow-ups to support your behavioral and lifestyle changes. This involves monitoring and evaluating progress, as well as any health or medication changes.

Medical Doctors agree that healthy eating habits are important during and after cancer treatment.

Nutrition Therapy is used to help cancer patients keep a healthy body weight, maintain strength, keep body tissue healthy, and decrease side effects both during and after treatment.

What is a Cancer Coach?

🎗 The two principal roles of a Cancer Coach are to:

1. Give you the most accurate and up to date information on functional and lifestyle medicine that supports your treatment and recovery.
2. Provide you with an active plan on how to implement all this information and put it into practice.

Cancer coaching is tailored to meet your unique needs and priorities and your specific cancer profile.

Your cancer coach will not only tell you what you need to do, but show you how to implement and maintain your new lifestyle.

We are also there to just listen to you. Many of our coaches are cancer survivors themselves, they know what you are going through. Talking to someone who truly understands can relieve and reduce tension, anxiety, stress and depression. It provides a safe space to talk about your emotions and removes the feeling of isolation – you are not in this alone.

When you invest in a coaching program with a qualified cancer coach we help you to:
Supercharge your healing process
Enhance your quality of life
Reduce side effects of cancer treatment
Reduce complications from treatment
Reduce recovery time between treatments
Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence

Learn more about what a cancer coach program can do to support you or a loved one with a cancer diagnosis


What Our Clients Say

“What I appreciate the most about my Cancer Coach, was her being so much in touch with reality” – Watch the full video here

“I learned how to manage my condition and discover so much more”
I started a coaching program with The Cancer Coach shortly after being diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2021. I knew I was not eating healthy and needed help to fix my diet.
I gained so much insight on how to create a healthy diet and I realized how addicted I have been to sugar for so many years.
My coach guided me on how to make wiser choices, how to gradually limit my sugar intake and have a much more balanced diet. Food has always been a source of stress for me, now I feel much more in control and it has helped me tremendously physically and psychologically.
Kevin, 47


When my breast cancer came back and had to start treatments again, I was looking for additional advice in nutrition and lifestyle, but nobody was giving me answers. I felt like nobody was listening to me and nobody was taking my questions seriously. My doctor and family were so focused on my treatment and test results, everybody was worried but nobody asked me how I felt or what I needed…I felt invisible. I began to search online for answers and that’s how I found Isabel. The moment we met, I felt like she was treating me like a human being and saw beyond my illness. She took the time to listen to me, ask me questions and understand my concerns. I enjoy every single session with Isabel and have learned so much about food and health. I hope one day I will also be able to help other cancer patients.
Sarah, 42


Credentials to Our Credentials

We work with experts from around the world to identify the latest evidence based research and treatments for our cancer patients. Here is just a sample of the hours of lectures we have hosted and the accredited bodies we belong to

How does Nutrition Impact Your Chances of Surviving Cancer? With Isabel Galiano and Dr Shireen Kassam
Should Cancer Patients Avoid Sugar? With Isabel Galiano and Dr Steven Tucker
American Insitute of Integrative Oncology
Lifestyle Medicine
The Institute for Functional Medicine
College of Naturopathic Medicine
Medical Association
Integrative Nutrition
Medical Association of Thailand
Clinical Education
Danielle Van De Velde
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