Jose Henriquez
Dr. Jose Henriquez, MD
Doctor Jose A. Henriquez is a is a well-recognized pioneer in metabolic, nutritional and regenerative medicine and a specialist in Integrative Cancer Treatment. He obtained his medical degree from The University of Guadalajara (UAG) School of Medicine in Mexico, and served as the Head of Medical Interns of Real DVH Hospital in Tijuana. After his graduation, Dr. Henriquez worked 4 years at the Manner Clinic, and 19 years at International Bio Care Health and Wellness Center (IBC) as Head of Research and Head of the Hyperthermia Department. Before joining Verita Life he was Medical Director of his own specialist cancer treatment clinic, named Integrative Whole Health with innovative cancer programs. Throughout 23 years of professional practice in Whole Body Hyperthermia and Metabolic Treatment treating cancer and other diseases, Doctor Henriquez has handled over 1100 cases and earned international recognition in this field. Moreover, he has undertaken collaborative research projects in Mexico and foreign institutions in the use of immunotherapy, whole-body hyperthermia and intravenous hyper alimentation in cancer and degenerative diseases. He has also made contributions to the medical field including being a featured speaker twice at the Annual Convention of the Cancer Control Society held in California, and also through various publication work.