Supporting cancer patients and those affected by cancer

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59, I wanted to support her in the best possible way, be by her side but also help her in her daily tasks.
I spend so much time and energy online trying to find out what kind of foods to prepare for her, and how to keep her motivated and active.
When I came across The Cancer Coach website, I felt that I found a “one in all shop” where all my questions around nutrition and lifestyle could be answered.
I enrolled for a coaching program and learned so much about healthy nutrition for cancer patients, but also received nutrition guidelines tailor made for my mother and her specific condition.
I felt much more knowledgeable and confident to support my mother but talking to a cancer coach also gave me much needed emotional support.
I realized that I also needed to take care of myself.
I am so happy that I came across the Cancer Coach platform, it made me a better caregiver for my mother and helped me to stay emotionally and physically strong during the process.
Linda, 37

Isabel was god sent for me as I came out of my cancer treatment looking for direction on prevention of recurrence through lifestyle changes. She was the only one after an extensive search for a coach that understood my fears, concerns, and feelings & we clicked instantly. I loved that she broke up the advice step by step and gave me my own space to absorb information, assess what I can accept or not accept and also openly discussed for alternate options or solutions. She then prepare holistic documents for me always and continued to follow up and check in on my progress. I like that she doesn’t push products to you for sake of same and instead allows you to try, assess and then take it or leave it aside to she staying up to date and relevant on the subject. I continue to be in touch with her and seek her advice. If you are wanting a lifestyle change for good, she is your guru!
Jaya, 36

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer was like a death sentence for me. I became very negative and depressed. I did not want to undergo any treatment. I lost 15 kg in a few weeks, did not want to see anybody and just stayed at home feeling angry and pity for myself.
My daughter convinced me to take an appointment with Isabel, I was not convinced, I just did it because my daughter insisted.
When I met Isabel, my first thought was “I can’t believe she had cancer twice and survived”. Her story gave me that first glance of hope, that I desperately needed. Isabel helped me to see things from a different perspective and feel less angry. I started to sleep better and following her nutrition advice, I started to eat again. Slowly I gained enough mental and physical strength to feel ready to go back to see my doctor and talk about treatment possibilities.” Isabel guided and supported me throughout my treatments. It has been of invaluable help for me and my family.
Andrew, 62

I reached out to Isabel after I completing my cancer treatment. By that time I was feeling very tired and did not enjoy seeing myself on pictures anymore. I knew I needed to start something new and make time to take care of myself. Isabel was the perfect coach. She quickly
understood my mindset and personality and came up with efficient tips to save my sleep and eat healthier. Her approach is customized, scientific and result-oriented. What I really appreciate is that I never had to prepare complex recipes, she taught me how to combinate food
easily in order to feel energized and sated all along the day. I really felt the difference after a few weeks and I am really thankful for what she did for me.
Amanda, 40

Really like working with Isabel and getting her advice on nutrition as it is good to know that a real expert helps you make the right choices.
Dr. Wolfgang Baier

Thank you sooo much Isabel for your guidance. I have learned about eating right and clean, exercising and how to sleep better. You have
helped me to keep a strong body and a positive mind.
Zai, 34

I started a coaching program with The Cancer Coach shortly after being diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2021. I knew I was not eating healthy and needed help to fix my diet.
I gained so much insight on how to create a healthy diet and I realized how addicted I have been to sugar for so many years.
My coach guided me on how to make wiser choices, how to gradually limit my sugar intake and have a much more balanced diet. Food has always been a source of stress for me, now I feel much more in control and it has helped me tremendously physically and psychologically
Kevin, 47

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt very alone, although my friends and family have been very supportive.
Nobody really understands what you feel unless they have gone through it themselves.
Sharing my story with my coach and hearing about their personal experience made such a difference. For the first time I felt that somebody really understood what I was going through.
It has been tremendously helpful on every level.

Juliette, 42

Thank you for guiding me through my journey of breast cancer and pregnancy at the same time. You have been a tremendous coach leading me with valuable information on nutrition, lifestyle, good health product recommendations and simply a great joyful consultations. It is also wonderful to have you as my support system as always. And I will always cherish our times together. Thank you.
Lei, 35

Isabel came into my life quite by chance and with perfect timing. I had just been told I very likely had breast cancer and was deciding my next steps. Isabel guided me on what to do and expect as well as opened doors to the best specialists in Singapore. She provided constant and caring support to myself and family through a very stressful and still surreal time in our lives. Now post surgery and RT, I am feeling well and confident I can maintain good health for many years ahead with the help of the lifestyle advice and tools provided by Isabel. Thank you Isabel, you truly are an inspiration.
Nicole Taylor, 52

I met Isabel in the early stages of my healing journey. I wanted to take control of my diet, lifestyle and do whatever I can to heal my body physically, spiritually and mentally. With Isabel’s guidance, I have managed to be so much more aware of what I can do for myself. She has helped tremendously in my healing journey. Being someone who has gone through the journey herself, her experience has been invaluable. Apart of giving health advice, she also provides a listening ear to the challenges that I face in my healing journey.
Mizah, 32

When my breast cancer came back and had to start treatments again, I was looking for additional advice in nutrition and lifestyle, but nobody was giving me answers. I felt like nobody was listening to me and nobody was taking my questions seriously. My doctor and family were so focused on my treatment and test results, everybody was worried but nobody asked me how I felt or what I needed…I felt invisible. I began to search online for answers and that’s how I found Isabel. The moment we met, I felt like she was treating me like a human being and saw beyond my illness. She took the time to listen to me, ask me questions and understand my concerns. I enjoy every single session with Isabel and have learned so much about food and health. I hope one day I will also be able to help other cancer patients.
Sarah, 42

After chemo, I lost a lot of weight and I had not much appetite. My doctor told me that I needed to gain some weight. I did not just want to start eating more calories but learn to eat healthy. I was also worried because I was about to go back to work and was nervous about how I looked and my low energy levels. A friend suggested to contact Isabel. She helped me understand what I should eat and what I should avoid. She also helped me to get organized around my work schedule and plan my meals accordingly. She also shared advice on how to make me feel more confident and about her own experience. I don’t know how I would have done it without Isabel’s help. Thank you so much.
Margot, 47

I’m a cancer patient, and wanted to focus more on self-care. I shared it with a good friend, and she suggested to consider contacting Isabel Galiano. She’s a cancer coach, who aims to help those battling cancer or survivors to manage their condition for a better quality of life.

Isabel provides a holistic perspective – mental, physical and emotional – vital elements of a person’s well-being. She’s empathetic and generous in sharing her own experience. This makes the sessions more relatable, personal, and she makes it a point to tailor her advice to my needs.

I learn more techniques in taking care of myself, for example, managing stress. Most of these are small actions that it isn’t difficult to do. I’m also glad to know that she’s affirmed some of my current approaches and encouraged me to continue with them. Isabel also covered healthy eating and foods with more nutrition.