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“immune therapy” at Hufeland Klinik is meant as a PRO therapy instead of a CON approach. It is, therefore, properly labeled, “Holistic Immuno-Biological Therapy”. The main target is to support the organism to reverse the cancer-friendly environment that has contributed to the disease. Initially, this is accomplished by detoxification – cleansing the body of toxins that weaken the immune system. The second component of the biological therapy is nutrition. Nutrition must go well beyond the norm to eradicate deficiencies and restore health and strength to a damaged immune system. Infusions of high-quality supplements, as well as oral supplementation and top-quality food, accomplish this goal. Hereafter, with its newly restored strength, the body’s own immune system can be nudged back to do its job. Depending on the needs of the patient, treatments, such as homeopathic injections, fever therapy, and whole body hyperthermia, encourage the body to do what it was designed to do–fight disease by finding its way back to a whole -body balance.

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    Dr. Andreas Demuth