Why lack of sleep in cancer patients needs to be taken seriously.

Up to​ ​75 percent of cancer patients suffer from sleep disturbances*; sleep disorders can continue for years after cancer treatments have ended. Yet, sleep issues in the context of cancer are still largely underestimated and undertreated.

Proper Breathing

The Healing Power of Proper Breathing

Great article on how breathing properly can allow us to live longer and healthier lives.

I teach my clients how to use breathing techniques as an effective coping strategy to deal with stress and anxiety -particularly for cancer patients going through treatments.


Diet, Gut Microbes Affect Chemotherapy Outcomes

University of Virginia scientists found that what we eat can affect the outcome of chemotherapy – and likely many other medical treatments.
In my everyday interaction with cancer patients, I witness how much an adequate diet supports their wellbeing and quality of life.

better health and well-being

Spending time in nature is linked to better health and well-being.

I firmly believe that spending time in nature is an effective way to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Try to exercise outdoors rather then indoors, go for a walk or do simple movements in nature on a regular basis. Even sitting on a bench and simply enjoy a natural scenery is uplifting and grounding.

stop smoking

It is never too late to stop smoking!

“People who quit smoking at any time—even 2 years before a lung cancer diagnosis—improve their chances of survival after being diagnosed with the disease, according to the results of a large international study.”